About Us

Love, Serve, Pursue …God and People.

At Bethel, everything we do centers around loving, serving, and pursuing relationships with God and people. We desire to connect though five ministry functions found in God’s Word.

We strive to be a church where worship is a welcoming atmosphere in which hearts are open to the Holy Spirit in a reverent and God-honoring, multicultural, multigenerational setting.  Worship is a lifestyle which cultivates a personal relationship with God.

We strive to be a church where fellowship is intentionally encouraged in a safe and nurturing environment allowing people to be genuine and transparent while sharing their life stories.

We strive to be a church where discipleship is a lifestyle motivated by real love where believers encourage others to grow together in leadership and faith by both teaching and modeling Godly behavior.

We strive to be a church where evangelism is purposeful; passionately revealing the truth of God’s Word by actively and selflessly loving and serving people.

Gift–Oriented Ministry: We strive to be a church where every person is encouraged to embrace and participate in discovering, developing, and activating their God-given gifts.