School of Ministry

Bethel is pleased to serve as a location for Missouri School of Ministry offered by the Southern Missouri District ( The Missouri School of Ministry utilizes the Berean School of Bible program offered through Global University but also provides local facilitators with practical ministry experience who walk students through the class material. These instructors become natural mentors as they build relationships and share experiences with students. They are also available to provide guidance for each student.

How it Works
Work is a key concept in the Missouri School of Ministry. The program is designed to be fun and challenging for those seeking ministerial credentials as well as those desiring to be more effective in ministry. The concept of The School involves two aspects: weekly work and class day. Three courses are offered each month (one for each ministerial credential level).

  • The weekly work is an average of 3 1/2 hours where the student is involved in prayer, Bible study, and course preparation.
  • Students come together on one monthly Class Day. Class Day, the final portion of the program, is held at Bethel Assembly of God and three other locations across Missouri. Interaction and fellowship are a natural outflow of this exciting day. Students participate in three hours of classroom interaction and discussion. (Before arriving for Class Day, students are required to work through the text book, complete the self tests and unit progress evaluations). When the course is completed, they will have invested several hours of study and preparation time in each course. Once the final exam is completed, the students are one course closer to reaching their goal for their credential level.

Stan Welch, District Secretary/Treasurer and Jerry Orf, SOM Coordinator, provide program oversight with Laurie White and Pastor Dave Meade serving as the Cape Girardeau location coordinators. For further information, including costs, class schedule, and online registration, please click here.  If you have questions on how things work at the Cape location, please email or or call Laurie at the church office, 573-335-5531. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.