Bethel-SERVE-webWe are glad you desire to SERVE within Bethel and our surrounding community.  Look through a few examples below but feel free to be creative.  As you find some areas of interest, let us know how you would like to SERVE using the form at the bottom of this page.  We will do our best to help you SERVE.

Community Teams

  • PURSUE (outreach)

Creative Teams

  • Illustrations/Props
  • Video Production
  • Sound, Lighting, Cameras, Presentation

Facility Projects And Maintenance

  • A/C and Furnace Filter Change (Monthly)
  • Dusting (Chairs, Vents, Window Sills)
  • Installation Team (Signs, Equipment, Etc.)
  • Interior Design Team
  • Parking Lot Cleanup (weekly)
  • Power Washing
  • Remodel / Maintenance Team
  • Storage Organization
  • Tall Window, Light, and Fan Cleaning

Kid’s Ministry

  • Fundraising and Donation Specialists
  • Greeters, Monitors, Crafts, Snacks, Photographers
  • VBS / Camp Workers


  • For Sick and Funerals


  • First Pastors
  • Toy Wipe Down (Weekly)

Special Events / Banquets

  • Setup and Tear Down
  • Presentation and Serving
  • Meal Prep

Speed The Light Cafe

  • Food / Workers

Welcome Teams

  • Entry Greeters
  • Parking Lot Greeters
  • Wednesday Night Hug Patrol

Worship Team

  • Vocalist
  • Instrumentalist

Let Us Know How You Want To SERVE

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